Lakers Mid-Season Checkin

The 2014-2015 NBA season is a third of the way through.  How have the Lakers been doing thus far?  Living up to their LOSS Angeles moniker.

Western Standings as of 12/21/14

After starting 1-8 they’ve managed to “improve” to 8-19 and currently own the third worst record in the Western Conference.  That record includes an impressive 3-10 record at home, proving that Lakers fans are the still the best fans in the league.  (For those who don’t speak sarcasm, here’s a straight-talk translation: The Lakers and their fans are terrible.)

To summarize:Lakers Suck

LOSS Angeles Lakers lose to Spurs, fall to 1-8

After losing to the Spurs tonight 93-80 the Lakers are now 1-8.  Kobe Bryant shot an impossibly embarrassing 1-14 from the field and it continues to be a good season to be a Laker Hater.  Manu Ginobili donned his hater hat in the 4th quarter as he dropped the ball through Jordan Hill’s legs for a Jeff Ayers throw down.

Manu through the legs


Nine games in and the LOSS Angeles Lakers are in full effect.  I’m sure plenty of happy hating days are in our future.


Lakers get blown out in season opener, Kobe and Dwight aren’t friends

In the 4th quarter of last night’s season opener (where a mediocre Rockets team destroyed a terrible Lakers team) a few words – and an elbow – were exchanged between Kobe and Dwight Howard.


There was some mic feedback in the interview room after the game but I like to think the shot from Howard just left some ringing in Kobe’s ears.

A Tribute to the 2013-2014 NBA Season… Never Forget

The 2013/2014 Lakers season said goodbye to Dwight Howard and hello to Nick “Swaggy P” Young.  It also said goodbye to the playoffs and hello to utter disappointment.


The Jazz spoiled the fun by finishing dead last in the Western Conference but a 2nd to last finish by the  Lakers helped me sleep well at night.


My favorite nicknames from the 2013/2014 season:

3. LAL = LOL

2. Loss Angeles Lakers

1. Los Angeles Tankers