A History of Hating

Why hate the Los Angeles Lakers?

If you’re like me, your hated toward the Lakers stems from watching your favorite NBA team repeatedly lose to them.  In some ways my hate for the Lakers is actually a sign of respect – they were always just a little better than my team and that’s frustrating to no end.  There are LOTS of reasons to root against the Lakers (see this excellent article by Tom Ziller for an impressive list) but here are a few that continue to fuel the fire that is my eternal hatred for the purple and gold.

  1. Incessant, mind-numbing national media coverage regardless of how good their team is
  2. Ridiculous, uninformed, bandwagon fans in every state, city and town across America
  3. They play in Los Angeles which, in general, is the center of the universe for pretentious, insufferable douchebags
  4. Kobe Bean Bryant – I could rattle off a dozen reasons related to just Kobe alone
  5. More often than not the Lakers win and my team loses.  It’s that simple.  Screw the Lakers.