LakerHater 101: Celebrity Laker Fans

Everyone knows Hollywood stars frequent Laker games.  Some can be seen often (Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ice Cube – actually put together a “top 10” list of celeb Laker fans) but many more drop by for occasional appearances.  I was planning on crudely doctoring some photos of America’s most hated individuals and putting them in Lakers gear but I don’t have to.  Nearly every clown in the greater Los Angeles area has turned up at Staples Center (or the LA Forum before that) to cheer on their team.  Here’s a small list of famous Laker “fans” who frequently turn up on lists of the most hated people in America.

Ok, I threw a few in there anyway just for fun (Osama Bin Laker?) but with so many legitimately awful celebrities rooting for them, it’s just one more reason to happily hate the Lakers.